7 Games to Play while Waiting in Line at Disneyland

Games To Play While Waiting In Line At Disneyland

Despite the Imagineers’ best intentions, sometimes waiting in line can be excruciating. I’m talking about those middle-of-the-afternoon-on-a-crowded-summer-day-waiting-in-line-for-Radiator-Springs-Racers times.

If you come to Disneyland on a busy summer day and/or if you want to go on the most popular rides, you’re likely to find yourself waiting in line at least 30 minutes.

There’s only so much conversation to be had. If you still wish to maintain interpersonal relationships and aren’t willing to succumb to browsing on your mobile phones, here are seven games you can play while waiting in line at Disneyland.

1. Disney Acronyms

I used to play this game in high school with a fellow Disney buff. We would create obscure acronyms of the rides and see how long it took the other person to guess correctly. IASW, for instance, stood for It’s A Small World.

This game gets more complicated – and more fun – the longer you make the acronyms. So stick to Disney movies, song titles, and rides rather than character names if you really want to up the ante.

TLM = The Little Mermaid

JASOS = Just A Spoonful Of Sugar

IJCWTBK = I Just Can’t Wait To Be King

2. 20 Questions

To make a Disney-fied version of 20 Questions, simply replace the opening question “Animal, Vegetable or Mineral” with “Character, Ride, Place, or Movie.”

Then your friends or family can ask you up to twenty questions to figure out what it is you’re thinking of!

3. The Name Game

Whenever we went to Disneyland in groups in high school, my friends and I would often end up playing this game.

With the name game, you can choose actors, singers, writers, directors, characters, etc – anyone within the Disney universe (real or animated) that has a first and last name.

As you go around in a circle, each person has to say a name that uses the first letter of the previous name’s last name in the first name of the new person. For example:

Player 1: “Robin Williams” (beloved actor)

Player 2: “Wendy Darling” (mother of the lost boys)

Player 3: “Donald Duck” (the original angry bird)

Whenever a player chooses someone whose first and last names start with the same letter, they reverse the order of play. In the case above, the turn would go back to Player 2 instead of proceeding to Player 4.

Modifications to the game could be: allowing only first names and the next player has to start with the last letter of the previous name, or restricting to individual categories (animated characters, movie titles, etc).

4. The Alphabet Game

For this game, you choose a category such as movie titles, and each player names an item for that category starting with the next letter of the alphabet. For example, using movie titles:

A – Aladdin

B – Bambi

C – Cinderella

The game can come to a hard stop when an unlucky player reaches the letter Q, so you may want to just skip over that one altogether.

5. I Spy

Now, this one will only work if you are in an extremely slow-moving line, or if you’re playing quickly enough in a large queue area. Another pro tip is to choose something (or someone) moving along with you throughout the queue.

Choose an object within eyesight and say, “I spy, with my little eye, something…”

6. Play Imagineer

This is my favorite game. Pretend you’re all Disney imagineers. If you’ve been on the ride before, discuss how you would do it differently. If you haven’t been on the ride, talk about your ideas for the ride you just went on.

Or choose a movie and brainstorm potential rides that could be themed off of it. I always wish they had made a roller coaster that appeared to be powered by fire extinguishers a la WALL-E.

7. Look for Hidden Mickeys

If you’re not aware, Hidden Mickeys are the Disney Parks’ version of easter eggs. They’re nods to the famous mouse himself, or references to films or even past attractions, designed and placed by the Imagineers themselves. They range from the subtle…

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage Hidden Mickey
You can find this Hidden Mickey in the queue for Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage.

…to the super obvious.

Disneyland Resort Hidden Mickey Benches
You can see these benches throughout the plaza between DCA and Disneyland.

There are many websites, smartphone apps, and official books to help you discover these.

What are your tips for having fun while waiting in line at Disneyland? Please share in the comments!

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